Who are we?And what do we do?

When we started our journey we had a simple idea; lets create a company that  connects great FIFA talents with companies that want to enter E-sports. However, we soon realized that the  E-sports scene of FIFA simply was to underdeveloped to accommodate a business like that.  Just like all entrepreneurs worth their name, our immediate reaction was to start scratching our own itch, which is how we begun creating the scene…

Today we are four nerdy heads that work closely together with the major influencers and pros to create the leagues, events and tournaments that the game and playerbase deserves. Our first major tournament Nordic Champion 2017 managed to capture the imagination of the entire community. With that victory in our baggage, nothing seems impossible as long as the community is with us!





ABOUT USteam members

Everyday I awake with the goal to satisfy other peoples need for greatness. To do that I have to believe that life is about creating experiences that is worth sharing.

Alexis Piippo

Alexis Piippo

CEO/Head of Heads

This young Achilles is the iron hand of the community. He both creates and manages content for the raging hordes of TropSe fans all over the world. He has no weaknesses, and a crazily charming smile!

Wille Gustavsson

Wille Gustavsson

Community Commander

I have been working and studied in parallel since I was 16 years old. The thing that wakes me up with a smile everyday and still wanting to do that, is the possibility to share and bridge my experience to young, skilled and intelligent entrepreneurs that actually wants to listen. What I get I return is the fantastic privilege to have a small footprint in the creation of both our company, and our society.

Stefan Piippo

Stefan Piippo

Head of Bridged Experience

Happy nerd with too many games to play all the time.
I have 2 beautiful children that do my life easier.

Mikael Karlsson

Mikael Karlsson

Head of Happyness

TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • After evaluating multiple different advertising options, we choose to go with TropSe because of their tight relationship with our target audience. It wasn't only cost effective (since they made their own content), even though we were a completely new app and hardly used any other marketing channel, we went from zero active users too 20.000+. Amazing results!

    Joel Fredman Klocker, Justfotballapp


  • We worked with TropSe for the campaign "Snickers - Play Like Pelé". All we had to do was to provide a brief while the guys from TropSe took care of the rest. From the creative process to the marketing process. We are very happy with the results of the campaign!

    Laura Rajala, Snickers

    Nordic Brand Manager

  • This is our second year working with tropSe. Their ability to connect and find suitable influencers and content creators that matches our brand are the baseline for our partnership. The added value for us is that they also take their time and makes an effort to understand our needs and creates content that appeals to our different target groups. I highly recommend working with tropSe when it comes to anything eSport, gaming and influencer marketing related.

    Rasmus Carlsson, Kickerz

    Product and Development Manager