Elgato: Dedicated videos with BorasLegend

April 4, 2018 | Campaigns

Elgato and BorasLegend on Youtube

Elgato sponsored videosWith the mighty BorasLegend

In this campaign Elgato sponsored 6 videos from one of the biggest stars on the Nordic FIFA eSport scene – the mighty BorasLegend.  By letting Boras keep creative control over the content, Elgato both minimized their time spent on the campaign and made it possible for him to create his type of genuine, high value content that his followers love. The videos performed incredibly well, and they are still viewed by thousands of fans each week. Every video included a custom Elgato intro & outro as well as a link in the video description.  When a video were uploaded to Youtube, Boras also supported it with a tweet including the Elgato hashtag.

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