Elgato: Passive Youtube integration

April 4, 2018 | Campaigns

5 FIFA influencers

Elgato: Passive Youtube integrationReaching the entire scene

A company can reach their target audience by hiring the biggest influencer in the niche. Another approach is to go wide and reach them through multiple smaller influencers, and that was was exactly what Elgato did in this case. This campaign consisted of 5 months with a passive integration (a link in the description in every video uploaded) on 6 different mid-sized influencers. This might be the most cost effective way to naturally be visible for your audience day, after day, after day…¬†Another great perk when doing long-term campaigns like this one is that during the 5 months, the channels grew more than 40%¬† – without costs increasing of course.

Total views

Influencers contracted

% channel growth during campaign