4 Seasons, 384 Pros, 1 Nordic Champion!

Whilst EA is finalizing a handful of remaining operation and format details in their competitive program, they have requested that TFL be postponed. Read more HERE

How would you go about finding the best FIFA18 players in the world? What we did was to start with the region that have created more top-quality players than any other, the Nordics. Next we invite the top players of that region, and make them go through an extremely though qualification process stretching over 6 months and 4 seasons. By making the pros prove their skills through hundreds of games , one can be sure that the 32 players that makes it to the grand event of Nordic Champion 2018 not only will put on a good fight – they will set the stage for competetive FIFA for years to come.

Season 1

TFL Season 1

Season 2

TFL Season 2

Season 3

TFL Season 3

Season 4

TFL Season 4

Nordic Champion 2018

Nordic Champion 2018